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Initial Consultation

The process starts with a complimentary initial consultation (30-60 min) to discuss your specific needs/goals and determine whether or not the program is a good fit.  If you decide to move forward, we’ll schedule a complete evaluation and start you off in the first phase of the program….RESTORE.

1st Step RESTORE

VTA works first to restore your body’s muscular system, bringing back balance and communication that was lost through stress, trauma and overuse.  VTA starts out with a thorough evaluation gathering as much info possible to analyze the structural integrity of the muscular system.  After we figure out how your body is doing functionally then a program can be designed specifically to address your individual weaknesses and limitations.


The evaluation (1-2 hours) consists of a detailed health history analysis, weight distribution measurement, postural examination, and range of motion evaluation.  Using Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques ™ (MAT), we’ll check the quality and amount of motion at each joint in your body and evaluate your neuromuscular system’s efficiency at generating force and controlling your joints.  The quality will depend on how much stress, trauma, and overuse your body has experienced through the years.  Only when we’ve gathered all the information can we determine what the right approach is for you. Your body’s state will dictate what type of roadmap will be developed.  Now that the evaluation is complete, you’ll return to review the results along with your plan.

The Plan

With an understanding of the current state of your physiology, we’ll create your specific plan.  This plan will encompass not only your wants, but in some cases needs you don’t know you have.  We start by bringing balance back to your muscular system, then appropriately and safely start applying forces on that newly balanced system. The goal with the plan is to address your issues and get you exercising ASAP in a nice progressive fashion.  


We want to design a program that matches the needs of YOUR body.  If your body has experienced a good amount of issues through the years then we need to address that before we proceed to exercise.  To do that we need to use Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques ™ (MAT) as our guide to bring your body back to balance before applying more stress with exercise.  Muscle Activation Techniques™  is a revolutionary approach to the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances, joint instability, and limitations in range of motion within the human body.  MAT™ is a non-invasive technique, designed to balance the muscular system of people of all ages.

Exercise Continuum

If MAT™ is like the lightswitch then exercise is like the bulb, and they both lie on the same continuum.  The bulb doesn’t work if the lightswitch is off.  Once the lightswitch is on then its time to microprogressively apply force to the body to create more tolerance to the tissue and increase its ability to resist force.  There should be a seamless handoff from MAT™ to exercise.

Our goals for you at this time are to:

  • increase or maintain the body’s tolerance for specific forces
  • increase or maintain the body’s ability to generate specific forces
  • stop, reverse or slow down degenerative orthopedic/musculoskeletal and neuromuscular processes
  • foster efficient multi-system homeostasis
  • create an environment for healing
  • create a sense of well being

2nd Step TRAIN


Genetic backgrounds, medical histories, lifestyles and goals vary. We train women and men from age 14 to age 91. Some are preparing for special athletic events or are looking to improve their performance in a particular sport. Some wish to regain fitness following an injury. Others simply desire to look and feel their best but don’t know where to start. Many just want to exercise without being in pain. Based on what we found in the evaluation we’ll design a customized program for you. But the customization of your program won’t stop there. As your body changes the plan changes with it.


Our carefully designed training programs tap into the body’s valuable resources, stimulating its adaptive capacity. As your body restores and replenishes itself following workouts, you’ll see dramatic improvements in your strength and stamina. Your metabolism will increase, and you’ll experience enhancements in muscle tone and a reduction in fat.


It’s neither the volume nor the duration of workouts that counts. Rather, it’s our clients intense levels of precision and effort that produce results. The majority of our clients train with us only once or twice per week, and each session lasts 30-60 min. You’ll therefore train with us, with great focus, for just 30 to 60 minutes per week. Then you can get back to living.


First, do no harm. Injuries debilitate and hinder progress. At the beginning of each training session, you’ll update us on how you felt following your most recent workout, and you’ll tell us about any changes in your sleep habits, diet, activity levels, stress levels and overall health. We’ll use your feedback along with some checks and balances on our end to see what you’re capable of that moment and to adjust your day’s session accordingly. During each session, we’ll coach you on how to use proper form and control to prevent injury. And following your workout, we may recommend tools and techniques for you to use in studio or at home to promote recovery.


Once the muscular system can tolerate many different types of forces while maintaining optimal function, it’s time to apply a long term progressive process.  This process is never ending and could be deviated from at any moment depending how your system is handling it.  The main goal is to maintain or improve strength for the rest of your life and the key is to do it appropriately and safely.

Enjoy your favorite activity without any pain or frustration and achieve new heights in performance that you never thought were possible.  Exercise is not a program it’s a process, a LIFELONG process.  Also a HEALTH process.  Our exercise should promote our health, not deteriorate it.  As our bodies are continuing to age we have to realize that maintenance is progress.