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30 minute Group X classes


noun  \ ˈkō(ə)r, ˈkȯ(ə)r \

Medical Definition of core

: the central part of a body, mass, or part

Get in, get out, get strong. This 30 minute workout will target the most important of your core muscles to help you stand taller, be stronger and look your best. COREx targets all 134 muscles of your core. This next level of precision will optimize your core work that very few, if any other exercise programs can match.  Tired of typical core exercises?  Stop doing those planks, woodchops, and situps and join us for a more productive and innovative way to target your core.  Join us for COREx, a short but intense 30 min core workout. Class size is limited to 8.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

HIIT is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. HIIT is the concept where one performs a short burst of high-intensity (or max-intensity) exercise followed by a brief low-intensity activity, repeatedly, until too exhausted to continue.

High Intensity Interval Training is all the rage these days.  Tired of doing sled pushes, box jumps, and burpees?  Very few have ever experienced the true challenge of a High Intensity Interval Training session. Increase your cardio to unprecedented levels. This workout even challenges tri-athletes and military members who often complete demanding training. Come experience what it’s like to test your cardio on state of the art equipment designed to take you to your limit safely and appropriately. This is HIIT is not for the faint of heart. Class size is limited to 8.




: of, relating to, involving, or being muscular contraction (as in isometrics) against resistance, without significant shortening of muscle fibers, and with marked increase in muscle tone

Benefits of Isometric training

  1. prevents reduction in bone density, increases mineral density in bone
  2. increased performance in endurance
  3. potential reduction in pain
  4. lower levels of cardiovascular risk factors
  5. decrease in blood pressure
  6. increase in joint stability
  7. safe way to increase strength plus many many more benefits

Have you ever experienced an isometric based workout?  The fastest way to gain strength, is by not moving.  ISOex is a fast paced isometric workout that will leave you exhausted and refreshed at the same time. This diabolical workout will leave you wondering how something so easy as not moving could be so hard. Get all the advantages of strength gains without any of the soreness usually associated with it. Used by Modeling agencies around to world. Tones and strengthens the body safely. Blow your mind and strengthen your body with ISOex. Class size is limited to 8.

What is High Intensity Training?

High Intensity Training is a style of progressive resistance exercise characterized by a high level of effort and relatively brief and infrequent workouts, as opposed to typical training methods involving low to moderate levels of effort and longer, more frequent workouts. Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones helped define and popularize high intensity training in the 1970’s, often summarizing the general philosophy as “…train harder, but train briefer” or “…train harder, but train less often”.

Wonder what it’s like to take your body to failure appropriately and safely? This 30 minute full body exercise program is straight to the point, will leave you exhausted but refreshed, and has all the benefits of 3 days or more of strength training in half an hour. Stop wasting your time, get in and get fit with HIT30.  Class size is limited to 4.